How to make the most of your ‘social real estate’.

‘Social real estate’? Did I just coin a new term?

I use that turn of phrase to refer to all of the available space that we have on our social media platforms to further promote our business offerings.

The primary space for you to maximise your social real estate is on your cover photo on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, not Instagram unfortunately.

So are you really making the most of your cover photos? I see some business just whack any old photo on there. I say ‘photo’ but really you can use any type of graphic for your cover photo.

I recommend you hire a professional designer to create a fantastic cover photo that’s in line with your company branding and one that mirrors your website design too to enhance overall consistency between platforms.

So what can you promote on your cover photo?

I’m so glad you asked, here are a few ideas I’ve seen:

  • an upcoming event. It doesn’t have to be your own event, it could be one you’re attending or even a conference at which you’re speaking. Your caption in the cover photo could link to the event page where tickets can be purchased
  • a certain product or service. As most of us spend more time on social platforms, how many of your followers actually make it over to your website? Why not feature a different product or service on your cover photo each month?
  • a call to action (CTA). Ask people to do something for you. It may be that you want them to visit a new page on your website or book a consultation with you. A great CTA I’ve seen in the cover photo included a ‘sign-up to my e-newsletter’ message plus an arrow pointing to the active button below the cover photo that said ‘Sign Up’
  • general branding. My cover photo currently just has a photo of me and my title. It’s simple but it can help people understand quickly who you are and what you do

Now these cover photos can be rolled out across all of your social platforms but some sizing or text may need to be changed due to the different layouts on some platforms and the availability of call to action buttons. See the latest social graphics sizings here.

Facebook likes to mix things up regularly and are now trialing video cover photos. Check out this preview here of a video cover photo from my favourite Netflix show, Narcos.

Have you seen any great cover photo designs? Share them with me.