Network via your Facebook business page for greater visibility

In this vlog, I share why you should be using your business Facebook page to like, comment and share just as you would when using your personal Facebook profile.

So, let me show you on my screen how you can do this for great effect in the video below.

Ok, so here we are on Facebook.

I find we have a tendency to post on our Facebook business pages and then flick back over to our personal timeline and we forget to interact on Facebook as our business.

Engaging with potential clients, journalists or business partners on Facebook can be a great way to raise your business’s profile amongst these key people.

So let me show you how you can like, comment and share as your business on Facebook.

I’ve spotted a post that I’d like to comment on.

So, I could comment as my personal profile or I could comment as my Alana Dagwell Facebook business page or any of the other business pages I manage.

To do that, simply go to the post and then click this arrow.

See now, I have the option of selecting who or which Facebook page my comment, like or share comes from.

So I’ll chose my professional Alana Dagwell profile and see now how the profile pic has changed. So I know it’s me commenting in my professional capacity.

So I’ll like this post, comment on it and I could share it too.

The person who manages this page would see all likes, comments and shares and it puts you and your business on their radar.

If you can add further info to their post or provide a solution you might be on your way to developing a great business relationship.

Why not spend 10 minutes a day on this strategy and see how it works for your business.

So I hope you found these tips helpful, for more like this visit or find me on any one of these social platforms.

Thanks guys. Bye for now.

Image credit: Raw Pixel via UnSplash

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