Social media is a daily beast, let me help you tackle it with creative content that highlights your business’s products and services.

Social Sizzle

Social Media Marketing Strategies Uniquely Tailored For Your Business.

Getting to know my clients is the first step in providing interesting and engaging social content.

My aim is for my social media marketing services to fit neatly into your existing business strategy. Generic, vague social media posts that could be used by any business is most definitely not my thing. Everything I create is specifically for my clients and works to highlight their products and services.

Got someone in your office who can load and monitor your social accounts? Perfect! Well, then the Social Starter might be for you. Want to outsource the who shebang? Social Butterfly or Super Socialiser might be your thing depending on whether you want to be seen here and there; or here, there and everywhere





social starter

Initial social content brainstorming session.

I’ll get to know you and what your business is about and we’ll create some awesome topics for content.

Preparation of 16 typo-free, grammatically-correct posts.

Written in advance per month (that’s roughly 4 per week) with image recommendations.

social butterfly

Everything from Social Starter.

Content brainstorming and 16 grammatically-correct posts each month

Optimised and Linked.

Posts are fully optimised and loaded to clients’ social media accounts.

Round-up Newsletters.

Writing of two e-newsletters each month drawing on content featured on client’s social media profiles, supplied to client for distribution via client’s own email marketing system.

Super Socialiser

Everything from Social Butterfly.

Content brainstorming and 16 grammatically-correct posts each month plus content loaded to social media and two e-newsletters drafted.

Social media management and reporting.

Client’s social profiles will be monitored on business days with private messages and public comments receiving prompt replies.

Two blog posts each month.

Writing of two blogs per month that client will load to their website and which can also be shared on social media.

C’mon you wouldn’t leave the writing of your company’s annual report to the work experience kid. Why do that with social media?

Don’t you want engaging, well-planned daily content paired with professional imagery that represents the high-quality products and services that your business provides?

You know what to do.

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