Social media is here. It’s not going away; not a passing fad. Be where your customers are: on social media.

Lori Ruff

US-based communication strategist

Social Spotlight

Pick my brain and save yourself hours of time figuring out your social media strategy

You’re here because you know your business needs to up its game on social media, right?

You know that the large majority of the population is now on social media. In Australia where I am, 79% of us are social media users.* With that many people on social media, you know you can’t ignore it and that you need an engaging content strategy to keep your business top of mind.

So, where do you begin?

I know you don’t have time to research and test all of the social platforms and their latest features so that’s where I come in. I’m on social media all day long. I receive alerts when new features are added to all the well-known social platforms and I’m always testing new and different types of content. You might have someone at your workplace who’s great with Facebook but you need a defined social media strategy or your need some fresh content ideas for the year ahead.

*2017 Sensis Social Media Report




In a one-hour Social Spotlight session, we will…

review where your business is at on social media

consider how you can grow your followers and engage with them further

identify where improvements can be made

develop your five content pillars which all your content will be based around

find low-cost or free image resources that can be used on social media

Why did I create Social Spotlight?

Because I know that sometimes we all just need to pick someone’s brain.

This one-hour session allows you to ask me all your burning social media questions that are specific to your business. I know not everyone needs a full training course so Social Spotlight might just be the little (loving) shove you need to get your business out there on social.

You’ll walk away with your questions answered in great detail (because I’m specific like that) and you’ll also discover areas where you can improve and I’ll share with you a few practical examples of other businesses that are blitzing it online.

If you need more assistance you can book in for another Social Spotlight session or I can tailor a full-day workshop for your business. If you require ongoing social media content planning and management, you might want to check out my Social Sizzle packages here.


Why join me for a Social Spotlight session?

Because I typically talk at twice the speed of a regular person so you’re bound to get good value.

But seriously, I’m on social media every day. I create and share content for a number of clients so I know what works and what doesn’t. My background is in PR where I used to pitch my clients’ stories to journalists so I can see a newsworthy, fresh angle in almost anything, even a dull company AGM.

I am a total news junkie so I know what’s trending online and what people are talking about and how your business could make the most of these online conversations.

I know you’ll walk away with plenty of fresh content ideas and new ways to use your social media platforms.

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